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Planning for the future worldwide documentary!


Once we have enough funds, we will produce and host a documentary where we go and do some field work at nations that are the lowest and highest in GLI scores on their continents. This accounts for the vast differences between each continent's cultures, climate, and more. it also allows us to do more qualitative research after the quantitive research. We will talk to government officials, everyday citizens, nonprofit, and more while we explore the cultures and histories to see why the nations is the best or worst at preventing suicides on their continent.

It would be a 7 part docuseries. Here is where we would go...

Episode 1: North America. If we followed the 2022 GLI scores, this would mean we would research in Grenada (best performing in suicide prevention in North America) to find the dos in suicide prevention, and we would go to Greenland or Cuba (worst performing in North America) to find the don't in suicide prevention. 

Episode 2: South America. With the 2022 GLI Scores, the two to visit would be Peru (best performing in South America), and Guyana (worst performing in South America). 

Episode 3: Europe. With the 2022 GLI Scores, the two contenders would be Greece (the best performing in Europe) and Belarus (worst performing).

Episode 4: Africa. With the 2022 GLI Scores, we would go to Egypt (best performing in Africa) and Lesotho (or Eswatini) (the worst performing in Africa). 

Episode 5: Middle East. The nations we would go to here would be Jordan (best performing in Middle East and the world) and Bahrain (worst performing in Middle East). 

Episode 6: Asia. Field research for this continent would be to go to Indonesia (best performing in Asia) and to South Korea or Russia (worst performing in Asia). 

Episode 7: Oceania. Ending on a tropical note, we would visit the nation of Tonga (best performing in Oceania), and the nation of Kiribati (worst performing in Oceania). 

Let us know if you would like to help produce this series! 


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