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Survival Tips to Keep On Keeping On

This page includes all of the tips given by our guests on the show. If a tip is repeated there will be a checkmark for every time a tip is repeated showing how crucial that tip is for survival. Remember the tip that correlates to the show: "Life sucks, today’s the worst, remember to keep on keeping on. It may seem hopeless today, but tomorrow may be different, so keep on keeping on. If tomorrow’s  bad too, keep on keeping on. We keep on keeping on, and one day we are going to look back and think, I’m still here and I’m glad I am." 

Teach them young

Start training for this battle against suicide as young as possible. The suicide pandemic seems to be getting people younger and younger each year. If you are a parent, it’s not as easy as saying “don’t kill yourself, that’s bad,” teach them how to survive this life that can be hell sometimes. If you don’t you open them up to the negativity in the world without them knowing how to survive it. 


A tip many therapists give to help people with stress and anxiety is to breathe. Focusing on your breathing can help you to destress. There are different techniques to focused breathing. One is to breathe in all of the way, then breathe out all the way, then to repeat. Another technique is called Square Breathing. To do this, breath in for four seconds, hold it for four seconds, and then breath out for four seconds. 

This can also be done similarly with grounding techniques. For example, focusing on the tick of a watch to help you take a break from a stressful situation. 

Playing Music 

Playing music can take you into a new world helping you to cope with life and escape. If you’re not a writer or singer, don’t worry. Play the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Christmas music or whatever inspires you. Guitars and ukuleles can be cheaper instruments if you're on a money crunch, but your voice costs nothing to use to make music.

Listen to a sad song 

Listen to a sad song to help you to confront your feelings. It is a super powerful tool for processing your emotions. Be warned that when some people hear sad songs, it can make sad feelings deeper. If you feel like you deeply match the feelings of music, maybe try listening to a happy song to help you feel happier. 

Talk to people

If you have a friend or family member that you feel comfortable with, ask them if you can talk to them and vent about things that are bothering you. Tell them whether you want them to give advice or just to let you vent. Friends and family may get that urge to give advice, so if you don't want advice, it may be good to remind them of that. You may find out they have similar issues they are dealing with and you can empathize with each other and help each other. 

Talk to a therapist

Therapists are there to help you to overcome the issues in your life. Therapists will be there to help you to feel okay. You may be okay without going to therapy, but your life might be a lot harder without going to therapy and getting professional help. Therapists have been trained to deal with these situations and will not judge you or call you crazy. 

Even Aaron Rodgers went to therapy. 

Get to know yourself by developing interests

Explore the world and try new interests. Maybe there's a new martial art you want to try. Maybe there's a book series you want to read, but haven't gotten to it. Maybe there's a new sport you want to play. These things might put more passion in your life. You may get a new hobby and maybe find something that helps make you happier. 

Get to know yourself through nature and exercise

take a break from a hectic world and go to the natural environment. You don't need to go to the mountains, though that would be awesome. You can find beautiful life in the city park or just walking around your neighborhood. 



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