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The Full Story

The Keep On Living Story

Keep On Living was born out of a desire to fix a problem seen too much in the world. The founder of Keep On Living had two friends end their lives in high school and has had many friends struggle with the ideation of suicide. Some who were too close to doing so. 

They, the founder of Keep On Living, wanted to do something about it. As they were studying political science and learning about using data of nations, they encountered the Global Peace Index and wanted to do the same kind of technique in rating nations to entice them to enact policies to help prevent suicides. Thus, the Global Life Index was born. You can find the latest GLI data (2022) in their respective tab. The subsection on how we do it explains the different factors in the GLI 2022 data. 

After gathering data for 2021, they realized they were being too soft in their approach. When someone has suicide ideation, it is a battle between their natural inkling to survive and their complex ideas to die (whether caused by mental illness, tragedy, or some other thing). A battle implies a war and we need to fight. They decided to declare war on suicide prevalence by also starting a podcast with one of their best friends (that presents survival tips from suicide ideation survivors), starting daily affirmation videos (to help inspire others to keep going), and to plan a worldwide documentary (to travel to places of high suicide rates and low suicide rates to get the dos and don'ts of preventing suicide, and present it to the world).

Those who want to join the fight against suicide prevalence are invited to join the Kōltallion, named so because the first three letters come from Keep On Living. The accent mark on the o is to show it is pronounced cool-tallion, because fighting for suicide prevalence is cool. 

Joining the Kōltallion means you will be on the email list and get updates on the index and the documentary, and get notified of releases of the podcast and the daily affirmation videos. 

Join today. 


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Future Merchandising

In the future, Keep On Living will sell merchandise to help spread our message through stickers, clothes, and other objects. Stay tuned.

Other ideas?

Keep On Living is devoted to finding any other ideas that may help in preventing suicide. Feel free to message us with your ideas. 

What do you think of this idea? A digital remembrance wall where suicide victims are remembered. Stay tuned for this may be a reality one day. 

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