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Join the Kōltallion!

Join the Kōltallion in our fight against the prevalence of suicide!  Join us by listening to our podcast "Keep On Keeping On Kōltallion!" where we interview people fighting suicide ideation and they give their tips for survival. Also, enjoy our daily affirmation videos to help inspire you each day to keep on living. See the links below!



Keep On Living's "Keep On Keeping On Kōltalltion!" podcast hosted by Arri Barney and Michael Kraft is available at many different podcast websites. 

Click here to get started.

Click here to watch on Youtube. 


Daily affirmations by various members of the Keep On Living Staff done daily to help inspire you to keep on living and to have a more positive day. 

Link to affirmations 2022 spotify to be entered later

link to affirmations 2022 youtube to be entered later

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